Intellectual property is not, and should not, be an isolated matter. For best effect, consideration of IP needs to be integrated into a business. To do this requires a close understanding of where a business is, where the business is going, and how IP might fit into the business.

We aim to work with our clients so that:

  • they understand how IP can fit with their business aims (and to understand where third party IP may pose a threat); and
  • we achieve sufficient understanding of our client’s businesses to assist in crafting appropriate IP protection for their circumstances.

As well as considering the breadth of different IP rights that may be relevant to a client’s business we also assist in exploitation of IP and management of IP risks and opportunities.

We also aim to assist our clients in developing appropriate internal practices to ensure innovation is captured, and to be able to recognise risks from the IP rights of third parties.

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The Supreme Court Rules on Patent Infringement and Claim Construction

On 12th July 2017, in Actavis v Eli Lilly the UK Supreme Court issued a landmark

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