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Since the industrial revolution, engineers have not looked back. Although for educational and lobbying purposes engineering tends to be classified into different branches, it advances on all fronts, powered by the scientific discoveries that underpin it. Many engineers will find their careers developing across different scientific disciplines. Even if they stay within the boundaries of one of the more well-known branches of engineering, e.g. mechanical or electrical, they must learn new things if they want to stay at the top of their game. Part of an engineer’s job description is to make their old self obsolete. The pace of change is not slowing: the digital revolution has put the world’s technical and scientific knowledge at everyone’s fingertips. Computing also finds its way into the very bones of technology. Why build dedicated control circuitry when some standard components plus some novel software can do the job more flexibly and at less cost?

Patent attorneys are at the sharp end of this change, forming a bridge between technical matter and legal application. We are not technological experts, because it is not our role to develop new technology (although that can be an occasional by-product!). Each of our attorneys however, has a background in at least one technical or scientific discipline and are able to quickly grasp the technical details of your new ideas, large or small, so that we can then sufficiently but succinctly describe them to the patent office. Even an apparently small idea can have enormous economic benefits – understanding those benefits enables patent protection to best meet your business needs.

At Phillips & Leigh, our patent attorneys are well used to assimilating and protecting ideas from a wide range of different industries. Below are just some examples of the many disciplines and applications that have been handled by Phillips & Leigh:

Aeronautical, Automotive and Mechanical Engineering – Aircraft Systems and Fittings, Driverless Vehicles and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Gearboxes and Brakes, Building and Construction

Electrical and Electronic Engineering- Test Apparatus, Sonar Transponders, Haptic Interfaces, X-ray apparatus

Medical Devices and Optical Engineering- Prosthetics and Implants, Projector Systems, Photonics, Optical Measurement Apparatus

Manufacturing, Packaging and Supply Chains- Case Erectors, Paperboard Containers (“Industrial Origami”), Food Processing, Refrigerated Retail Distribution Systems

IT and Communications- Industry 4.0 (IoT, smart meters, machine learning and artificial intelligence), Web Advertising, Telecommunication Networks, Computer-Related and Software Inventions

Energy and GreenTech- Wind and Gas Turbines, Oilfield Equipment, Pyrolysis Plants, Fuel Cells

Sensor Technologies- Weighing Apparatus, Metal Detectors, Magneto-Resistive Sensors, Transducers

If you would like to speak to one of our attorneys regarding anything discussed above, we welcome all and any enquiries.

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