IP Strategy

Intellectual Property is becoming increasingly important in every business sector: not only for those seeking to establish a new business, but also for those seeking to consolidate a market position or gain a competitive edge. To make the most of IP it is crucial to work within a clear and coherent IP strategy.

When a client comes to us, determining what innovation they may want to protect is of course essential to a strategy, but to develop a good strategy we also:-

  • look wider than the specific client innovation to understand the market in which our clients operate (and in which they may operate in future)
  • consider different business models for exploitation of client innovations;
  • consider client resources.

The core to developing an IP strategy is maximising the chance that a client has appropriate IP to meet their needs and resources; while minimising risk from third party IP; all within the constraints of a client’s circumstances. The strategy will change with time as the client’s circumstances change.

An IP strategy is not just a matter of assessing what IP could be obtained, it is also a matter of assessing what IP could usefully be obtained to further client goals. Our clients trust our knowledge and experience in ensuring their IP strategy matches their short and long term business strategies.

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