UK Departure From the EU

24 June 2016

In yesterday’s referendum, the UK took the reckless decision to leave the EU. The ramifications for the IP system in the UK and the EU will take some time to become clear, as the disentanglement of the UK from the EU is negotiated. As we learn more of the intended approach to disentanglement, and any transitional provisions relating to EU IP, we will advise accordingly.
For the moment it should be noted that:

  • European patents are not granted under an EU treaty, and the European Patent Office is not an EU organisation. Business will carry on as usual even after the disentanglement.
  • Until disentanglement, it is business as usual with the EU.
  • Even after disentanglement transitional provisions may apply.
  • The UK remains a competitive place to have IP work done, and Phillips & Leigh will continue to serve our client’s interests in Europe.

London is an international city and has always been proud of its engagement with the world, hence its vote for the EU, which unfortunately was overruled by much of the rest of the UK. London’s international outlook will continue even after departure from the EU, and it will remain a great place to do business, with the EU and elsewhere.

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